The Flywheel StorageOS™

The storage operating system is a collection of tools to help acquire and operate remotely managed self storage facilities. It includes an underwriting model, LOI, purchase checklist, operational workflows, and performance dashboards.


The Self Storage Deal Analyzer

The first step in evaluating a facility is to underwrite it to determine at what price you would submit an offer.

Underwriting can be daunting. The SSDA simplifies the UW process to be as plug and play as possible, letting you focus on the deal itself.

It includes several instructional resources to help you underwrite your first deal, or just your first deal with the SSDA.

Self Storage LOI Template

Once you have underwritten a property and determined what price to offer, you will need to submit a non-binding LOI (letter of intent) to the Seller.

This Self Storage LOI Template is one we've used on several successful deals and will continue to be refined based on our experience and other operator feedback.


Self Storage Purchase & Closing Management Workflow

The excitement of getting a facility under contract quickly wanes when you realize how much work is required to actually close on the property.

It requires the masterful management and coordination of vendors, inspectors, investors, attornies, bankers, and brokers and is prone to delays and miscommunication.

The Flywheel Equity Self Storage Purchase & Closing board is both the process, and the tooling to manage the process, of going through due diligence, legal entity formations, funding, closing, and assuming ownership of an existing storage facility.

Management & Operations

Storage Facility Management Board

Once you are the proud owner of a storage facility, the real work begins.

The Flywheel Facility management board is a starting point to manage the recurring work required for any remotely managed storage facility.

Storage Tenant Delinquency & Eviction Management

The reality of any storage facility is that tenant delinquencies and evictions require constant attention and repeated outreach to succesfully resolve.

Additionally, the rules and requirements vary by state.

Flywheel Equity has developed a delinquency management system to track the current state of all delinquencies and evictions (currently available for SC and NC, with others by request).

Storage analytics & performance

Self Storage Cohort Analysis and Performance Dashboard

Once your facility has been transitioned to your ownership, you need to understand several storage-specific business metrics to gauge how well the business is doing and to make the best operational and marketing decisions.

The Flywheel Storage OS includes a cohort analysis and performance dashboard to help answer such questions as: "What is the value of a Sparefoot referral vs. a Google Ad conversion?" or "How long does the average 5x10 customer stay in their unit if they moved in in January?".

These are critical questions you have to be able to answer if you want to operate a high performing facility.

[The performance dashboard is currently under active development]

Professional Services

StorageOS™ Implementation

There are a lot of moving parts to the Flywheel StorageOS™. If you're interested in quickly getting up and running with a pristine implementation of the SOS, we can help.

Storage Data Services

The software and tooling of the commercial real estate world is notoriously closed off and disparate. We can help aggregate the valueable data contained in these software silos and build custom tooling so you can make better business decisions.

Google Analytics & Adwords

Having trouble getting a clear view on what your website behavior looks like, or which ad campaigns are performing better than others? We can implement robust Analytics and Adwords configurations so you have complete visibility.

Custom Underwriting Models

If the SSDA is not the right underwriting model for you, but you want a tool custom-built to your process, let us know and we can build-to-suit (and not just for the self storage asset class)!

Underwriting Services

Let us know if you need help with your underwriting - whether it be a single deal or part of your acquisition process.

Automation & Integrations

Want to get a Slack notification for every new rental? Want to create a support ticket for every move-out? We can help automate your processes so you don't have to be the man in the middle any more.

Financial Due Diligence

Do you know what to look for when reviewing existing leases, the rent roll, and bank statements? Do you even know what to ask for from the seller to conduct financial DD? We can help by being a second set of eyes during this process.

Quickbooks & Accounting Setup

Figuring out how to represent your facility's finances in Quickbooks can be intimidating, especially if you don't have an accounting background. We can help get you setup and show you how to maintain your books.

General Storage Consulting

Confused by the storage world, or by the Flywheel StorageOS™? We get it, it's a lot. Contact us to see what kind of customer engagement would have the biggest impact for your business.

Interested in Custom Services? Let Us Know:

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