The Flywheel Self Storage Deal Analyzer

The SSDA is a simple but powerful spreadsheet for underwriting self storage real estate and is just one part of the Flywheel StorageOS™

Get the ssda

The SSDA is freely available online via Google Sheets

Primary interface of the SSDA
How to underwrite a self storage deal using the Flywheel SSDA

Ease of Use

The SSDA was created to be easy to use without sacrificing sophistication or pro forma visibility.

All Deal Types

The SSDA can underwrite value-add deals with large capex budgets, or stabilized deals with day one cashflow.

Sophisticated Metrics

Don't get IRR tunnel vision. Focus on the metrics that matter including DSCR, CoC, and RoC.

1. Make a copy of the SSDA from the File menu in Google Sheets
2. Save the SSDA to your Google Drive (or Download it in the format of your choice)
3. Underwrite your storage deal using this instructional video as a starting point
The Philosophy Behind the SSDA

> Simplicity

Complexity is often a crutch for lack of clarity. Focus on what matters, nothing more.

> P&L is Truth

The yearly P&L should be thoroughly vetted and understood as the primary reflection of the business's operation.

> IRR is Folly

Any return metrics dependent on long-term exit assumptions, such as the IRR, are not reliable.

> Cloud First

Collaboration and convenience trump any fancy Excel-only features.

Access the SSDA >

Underwriting spreadsheets are simply reflections of the underlying investment philosophy.

Here is ours.

Professional Services

StorageOS™ Implementation

There are a lot of moving parts to the Flywheel StorageOS™. If you're interested in quickly getting up and running with a pristine implementation of the SOS, we can help.

Storage Data Services

The software and tooling of the commercial real estate world is notoriously closed off and disparate. We can help aggregate the valueable data contained in these software silos and build custom tooling so you can make better business decisions.

Google Analytics & Adwords

Having trouble getting a clear view on what your website behavior looks like, or which ad campaigns are performing better than others? We can implement robust Analytics and Adwords configurations so you have complete visibility.

Custom Underwriting Models

If the SSDA is not the right underwriting model for you, but you want a tool custom-built to your process, let us know and we can build-to-suit (and not just for the self storage asset class)!

Underwriting Services

Let us know if you need help with your underwriting - whether it be a single deal or part of your acquisition process.

Automation & Integrations

Want to get a Slack notification for every new rental? Want to create a support ticket for every move-out? We can help automate your processes so you don't have to be the man in the middle any more.

Financial Due Diligence

Do you know what to look for when reviewing existing leases, the rent roll, and bank statements? Do you even know what to ask for from the seller to conduct financial DD? We can help by being a second set of eyes during this process.

Quickbooks & Accounting Setup

Figuring out how to represent your facility's finances in Quickbooks can be intimidating, especially if you don't have an accounting background. We can help get you setup and show you how to maintain your books.

General Storage Consulting

Confused by the storage world, or by the Flywheel StorageOS™? We get it, it's a lot. Contact us to see what kind of customer engagement would have the biggest impact for your business.

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