The 15 Multifamily Real Estate Investment Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To

Get your multifamily investor education kickstarted with these podcasts



Podcasts are a great way to learn about any topic, multifamily investing included. They've been central both my learning process and in getting access to several investment opportunities. After scouring for as many MFH podcasts as I could find, and listening to thousands of hours of content, here is my list of 15 multifamily podcasts you should be listening to, in a few broad categories.

The Blue Chippers

These are the podcasts that have a long track record of quality and consistency and will be at the top of anybody’s multifamily podcast queue:

Heavy Rotation

There are a lot of great podcasts out there that may not fit neatly into one of these arbitrary categories, so I’ve listed them here. I really enjoy several of these so they’re worth a listen to see if they hit the right note for you.

The Well Roundeds

There’s a lot more to multifamily investing than just buying and managing the property. After all, the end goal is passive income and wealth which necessitates tax planning and other forms of sophisticated investment strategies. These podcasts will help round-out your knowledge and make you a better steward of your, and others’, money.

The Up and Comers

These are the shows that may not yet have the track record or polish of the blue chippers, but are off to a great start and provide a lot of value.

Have a Suggestion?

The podcast landscape is ever changing, with new ones being created on a regular basis. Just because your favorite MFH podcast isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it’s not great. If you have a suggestion, please let me know so I can see if it belongs on this list. Leave a comment for me on any one of Flywheel’s social channels and I’ll be sure to queue it up.

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