New Self Storage Deal Alert: The Storage Room in Greenville SC

The Storage Room Announcement



Some exciting news from Flywheel Equity - we have a new self storage investment opportunity available for investment.

We Are Under Contract!

We are under contract on a 228-unit self storage property in Greenville SC. After navigating a challenging market in 2021 we have finally found an opportunity that represents a sufficient value for our investors.

The Storage Room in Greenville SC

The Storage Room is an under-managed self-storage property in the high growth market of Greenville SC with several opportunities for improved performance including:

  1. Managing delinquent tenants and increasing market rents
  2. The creation of a website and online marketing to better serve current consumer behavior
  3. Reconfiguration of smaller units which are less desirable

We believe The Storage Room offers a high-upside opportunity at a very low cost basis. We invite you to invest alongside us as we bring this deal to close.

We are raising $450K for this opportunity with the investment minimum being $50K. Given the smaller nature of the raise, we do expect this opportunity to go quickly. Investors that submit their soft-commitment first will have priority.

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